10 things to do when promoting new track on Soundcloud


The methodology of promoting a new track on Soundcloud is not much difficult, however, one may face difficulties to do many things. Nevertheless, we are sharing 10 most essential things which should not be underestimated by any means. Here is the list:

  1. Web Streaming: You should learn how web streaming acts according to your way. You can research on this or you can observe the other profile, You can visit other platforms as well. When you are going to promote your new track, you should know the consequences; what is going to happen, how it works, and other common things. To know all this, you need to learn how web streaming works. It is an idea created by streaming media; it is an area where streaming media resides. People visit the Soundcloud profile to stream the music and that effort of yours will be counted as “counts”.
  2. Share: You should know where you are going to share your new track and what type of audience you want to share with. Sharing is not always caring due to the fact that a person can get annoyed. Internet sharing is completed different from real sharing. So deal with that
  3. Audience: If your track is region specific, then you should consider that audience only. Filtering audience is important as you don’t need people who don’t understand your language. If you hired someone to promote your track and he is driving the traffic from a region which is completely unknown to you, then how will you get noticed by the real people.
  4. Followers: Check how many followers you have. If  you have less followers, then increase it by buying followers. More followers are equal to more insights as well as more traffic.
  5. Free download: A free song always attracts the community so start with the free songs and don’t forget to link it with Facebook so the people who want to download free music have to like your official page.
  6. Comment: Comment on other profile to present yourself as a humble personality.
  7. Like: Like the music uploaded by other, they will do the same.
  8. Blog: Create a blog and share your music on that.
  9. Ask for advices: Grab the people who are commenting on your music and ask them to help you in improving. Also, ask them to share it with their friends.
  10. Soundcloud plays: Buy Soundcloud plays and see your new track


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